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April 18, 2015 on Harrisburg City Island

Events start at 11, Race starts at noon, Afterparty at FedLive/Federal Taphouse, 2pm - 6pm

The JM5K is a 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) race developed by three friends of "Jersey" Mike Van Jura after he died suddenly from a heart attack in 2012 at only age 36 leaving behind two young children. Our mission was to raise an educational fund for Mike's two kids and promote awareness about how running can help prevent conditions like Mike's that let to his untimely death and how running can help heal during a time of grieving by creating a sense of focus, positivity, accomplishment, and community.

Importantly money raised during the event goes to support Mike's kids and other children who have tragically lost a parent like Mike's kids did.

Ringleader Glenn Hamilton from The River 97.3

Since the beginning, Glenn Hamilton of The River and your favorite on-air personality has MC'ed the event. We welcome "Ham Solo" back this year to provide critical and engaging commentary and blast rock and roll while the debacle of the Jersey Mike Rock + Run 5K unfolds. If you would like Glenn's autograph on your baby's forehead, just ask!

Get weird — it's a costume run too!

To add to the fun this year, we're turning the amps up to 11. For runners as well as you goofballs, prizes will be awarded for speed and for taking your look over the top this year. You are encouraged to get as weird as you want and run as your rock-n-roll alter ego, a superhero, a beast, a robot, or whatever floats your boat! Suitable strollers for babies/toddlers are permitted. Why not dress them up too?

Camp Positive, games and activities for kids

Since this is a family affair, we're happy to announce the return of Camp Positive: a fun, secure area for kids to hang out and party on their own level. Kids and their parents welcome.

Get On Board mini learn-to-skatepark

Kids can learn to skateboard with instruction from Get On Board, an organization dedicated to teaching kids self-esteem and accomplishment through the discipline and enjoyment of learning to skateboard.

Runners and walkers can sign up right here on the site. Registration will be accepted online through April 17. In-person registration also will be available prior to the 12 noon start.


Cue the Rocky theme — it's No Last Call

No Last Call Band

Back by popular demand the elusive and forever memorable No Last Call — Harrisburg's first and only "hit-and-run" street band. Consisting of about 30 musicians and entertainers, they love showing up on a corner unannounced and playing tunes that get people clapping, dancing and smiling. No Last Call is grateful to Jersey Mike for what he did for the local entertainment scene and what he specifically did to support our band in our formative days.

Music, food, fun at the FedLive Afterparty

Jersey Mike was a renowned lover of music and a good time. In that tradition, the party doesn't stop at the finish line. As a thank-you to race supporters and participants, an afterparty will be hosted immediately following race festivities featuring live music and drink specials. Join us at FedLive/Federal Taphouse on Second Street, downtown Harrisburg, for a ragin' party. It's a family-friendly event and libations of all sorts will be available. Runners are welcome at no charge, and the public is welcome for a small donation at the door.

There's a sweet music lineup this year featuring:

Running from Dharma
The Bo Deadlys
Marissa Elise and the Groove
Mark Santanna and the Snake Oil Salesmen
The Bitter Chills

Doors open at 2pm and the party goes until 6pm.

Admission is free to all race participants with their race bib. A small donation will be asked of non-race participants.

Sturges Speakeasy will host night-before pickup and registration

Nothing like some good barley-born carbs in your body to fuel your next-day's race. Sturges Speakeasy will be hosting early bib pickup and last-minute registration for you procrastinators open to all potential racers and the public the night-before from 5pm - 11pm Friday, April 17 (the day before the race). Thank you guys!

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Register Now

Register early and save

Registration is $35 and gets you into the run and afterparty show. You can register securely online all the way through April 17. WE WILL ACCEPT DAY-OF REGISTRATION IN-PERSON AT THE EVENT. Remember, this is for a good cause and we applaud your support whether you're an early bird or a procrastinator.

You can also join us the night before the race, April 17th, at Sturges Speakeasy in Harrisburg for a bib pickup and signup party.


Registration for the Jersey Mike Rock + Run 5K will continue online until April 17th and day-of-race registration is available. Early bib pickup and last-minute registration will be available Friday, April 17th starting at 5pm at Sturges Speakeasy, 400 Forster Street, Harrisburg.

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If you would like to donate

This is a run-walk open to all levels of participation. However, if you absolutely cannot attend but would still like to do your part, you can mail a donation to:

Jersey Mike 5K Run
1518 Green Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102

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Jersey Mike being a dad

A Legacy of Staying Positive

"Jersey" Mike Van Jura was a heck of a guy, involved in any number of good causes and pioneering the rebirth of Harrisburg through bringing top music through the area — names like The Hold Steady, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, and Henry Rollins. He was a positive thinker who rallied a community behind him.

Unfortunately, good intentions don't make for a healthy heart. Mike died far too young at age 36. While Mike had challenges to his condition such as surviving Lymphoma, his life may have been prolonged with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Why a running race?

Honestly it started as a joke born from the anger and grief of losing our friend. We wanted to create a one-time event to honor our buddy and support his kids that was the very antithesis of Mikey and his minions of rockers, roadies and bar-crew would. Athletics seemed appropriate at first and apparently running is like holy water to this crew of vampires. And so the ultimate anti-event was born. And we expected maybe 100 people to show up. Then over 400 did — in costume, or hungover, or in dresses, or in boots. People told us they couldn't wait for next year's bigger, better event, and thus the Jersey Mike Rock + Run 5K became a staple of the Harrisburg community.

The JM5K was also designed to promote heart-healthy activities and to provide outlets for adults and children who have lost a parent or loved one to manage grief through healthy, positive activities like running.

The JM5K aims to call attention to important lifestyle improvements that help stave off life-threatening conditions like heart disease and cancers. It's a a short, attainable 5-kilometer running event that isn't about winning, just participating. Think about it — a 5K is just 3.1 miles. That's really not far. You can do it!

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