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This Saturday it's time to rock!

Race updates

First of all, the weather looks good...

We've been watching the weather on our iPhones intently and it looks like we're gonna be stoked with some pretty good weather (60s, partly cloudy). The race is rain or shine, but it sure looks like shine from here. Woot!

Yes, you can still register

We are accepting online registration until Friday. You can sign up right here on the site fo-sheezay. You can also register Friday night at Sturges Speakeasy. It's $25 bucks.

Day-of registration is totally cool with us.

Registration on Saturday opens at 10am and goes until 11:30. You know you waited until the last minute, but that's totally cool. At least you're doing your part. Registration will open on City Island at 10am and it's just $25 bucks, all of which goes to charity. The race starts at noon. There will be food and stuff...and beer. Wow!

Early bib pickup/Registration Friday night at Sturges Speakeasy

Well look who got their freakin' act together... US! For your pleasure and convenience, we are throwing a little bib pickup shin-dig to cut your time at registration on Saturday. Event begins at 5pm on the second floor of Sturges Speakeasy. Come see us, have a pint in the process. Might be a good time to make sure you get a T-shirt. Limited edition and all....

Bring valid ID if you want to sample beer

Al's of Hampden will be sampling beer and the afterparty is at Ceoltas. This will be a wristbanded event and you MUST show a valid ID in order to partake. There won't be any exceptions because we can't risk that. You know. Be smart.

Strollers are welcome. Dogs are cool with us (be responsible).

This is pretty much a party at a brisk pace so bring whatever motivates you to run it. Your kid? Your dog? Your pet rock? Sweet. Get it done man. NOTE: Don't be a ding-dong and ruin it for everyone by making a mess or not tending to your dog's behavior and natural — ahem — NEEDS. We want to keep our event cool for years to come. Don't be that guy.

Camp Positive will be available for kids while parents run

For parents who want to run, Camp Positive will be open and full of kid-centric activities including an Easter egg hunt. Parents can leave their children under Camp Positive volunteers' supervision, while they run the 5K.

Runners, walkers, crawlers, whatever

The thing that makes this race great is the diversity of our runners. While our more competitive runners will enjoy a true, timed 5K, we seem to attract a diverse mix of people who span walkers, first-time runners, and beyond. It's about participation, not taking gold here folks. You belong here. Register already.


Jersey Mike says ayyyyyyy!

April 19 2014 on City Island

Kaiya and Lennon want to help another family like we did last year

The good we did for Jersey Mike's family last year has compelled us to continue our mission to come to the aid of a family with kids suffering through the loss of a parent. Come rock out with us this year to help us support a new family in the way only our community can.

The JM5K is a 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) race developed by three friends of "Jersey" Mike Van Jura after he died suddenly from a heart attack in 2012 at only age 36 leaving behind two young children. Our mission was to raise an educational fund for Mike's two kids and promote awareness about how running can help prevent conditions like Mike's that let to his untimely death and how running can help heal during a time of grieving by creating a sense of focus, positivity, accomplishment, and community.

Importantly money raised during the event goes to support children who have tragically lost a parent like Mike's kids did. This year’s race not only continues to benefit the K+L Guardian Foundation, but the mission is expanding to reach out to a new family that is &mdashl; similar to Mike’s children last year — coping with the loss of a parent. Dylan Scott of Duncannon, Pa. passed away earlier this year of a heart attack, after suffering ongoing health problems and complications from diabetes. Scott leaves behind a wife and four daughters.

The Jersey Mike Rock + Run 5K will kick off at 12 noon on Saturday, April 19 on Harrisburg City Island, Harrisburg, PA. Day of registration opens at 10am.

Runners and walkers — including a 1-Mile Fun Run for kids — can sign up right here on the site. Registration will be accepted online through April 18, 2014. In-person registration also will be available prior to the 12 p.m. start.

Sign Up

Afterparty at Ceoltas Irish Pub

As a thank-you to race supporters and participants, an afterparty will be hosted immediately following race festivities featuring bands and drink specials. Doors open at 1:30pm and the party goes until 6pm at Ceoltas Irish Pub, 310 North 2nd Street, Harrisburg PA

Admission is free to all race participants with their race bib. A small donation will be asked of non-race participants.

Sturges Speakeasy will host night-before pickup and registration

Nothing like some good barley-born carbs in your body to fuel your next-day's race. Sturges Speakeasy will be hosting early bib pickup and last-minute registration for you procrastinators open to all potential racers and the public the night-before from 5pm - 11pm Friday, April 18 (the day before the race). Thank you guys!

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2013 Race photos + coverage

Last year's race enabled us to do a lot of good and we had a lot of fun doing it. Can't wait to see you gettin' down with us this year! Stay connected to the JM5K — sign up to receive event notifications.

Jersey Mike being a dad

A Legacy of Staying Positive

"Jersey" Mike Van Jura was a heck of a guy, involved in any number of good causes. He was always a positive thinker and lit up any room he entered. Unfortunately, good intentions don't necessarily make for a healthy heart.

Mike died far too young. HE WAS 36 YEARS OLD. While Mike had challenges to his condition such as surviving Lymphoma (cancer), his life may have been prolonged with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Manage grief, improve physical and mental health

The race was designed to promote heart-healthy activities and to provide outlets for adults and children who have lost a parent or loved one manage grief through healthy, positive activities like running.

The Jersey Mike Rock+Run aims to call attention to lifestyle improvements that help stave off life-threatening conditions like heart disease and cancers. The best way we could think to introduce Mike's community to thinking about changing lifestyle gently was to host a short, attainable running event that isn't about winning, just participating. Think about it — a 5K is just 3.1 miles. That's really not far. You can do it!

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Race Registration

2014 Jersey Mike Rock + Run 5K

This year is slated to be bigger and better in every way. Now that we know we have your support, we're going to pull out all the stops. Join us Saturday, April 19th for a day of running, family, and rock + roll!

Registration is $25 + a small registration/processing fee and is secure. Y'all can register online all the way up through April 12, 2014. WE WILL ACCEPT DAY-OF REGISTRATION IN-PERSON AT THE EVENT. Remember, this is for a good cause and we applaud your support whether you're an early bird or a procrastinator.

Sign Up

Registration for the 2014 Jersey Mike Memorial Rock + Run 5K will continue online until April 18th and day-of-race registration is totally cool too. Early bib pickup and last-minute registration will be available Friday, April 18th after 5:00pm.

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If you would like to donate

This is a run-walk open to all levels of participation. However, if you absolutely cannot attend but would still like to do your part, you can mail a donation to:

Jersey Mike 5K Run
1518 Green Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102

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