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Top 5 World Sex Festivals

Are you getting tired from exhausting work? Don't know how to spice up your daily routine? Well, think about popular entertainment, sex festival. It surely will bring you new emotions and desire for wild experiences.

The Popularity of Sex Festivals

Thousands of people all over the world visit sex festivals. They get prepared for it well. Provocative costumes and sex attributes make these events super atmospheric. For real sex admirers, these fests are significant events, as much as they were waiting for them a lot.

Best Festivals for Adults

For today, there are a lot of adult festivals around the world. People don't shame to show their real guts. If you like sex and erotic industry, why should you hesitate it?
Never be afraid to participate in adult events, if you want. Hurry up! Grab a list with the most popular world sex festivals.

Love Parade

Let's start with a famous sex festival. The Love Parade takes place in Berlin, Germany. This one is the most visited sex events in the world. As you know, Germany is the capital of the porn industry so that you can imagine the level of its fest.


Another adult fest is Erotica. To visit it you must fly to London, England. This festival is a combination of brilliant performances with the sex attributes market.
There are no forbiddings. Want to make an intimate piercing or try body art? No problem, 3-days Erotica festival is a place that will realize all of your secret wishes.

Folsom Street Fair

If you're a fan of BDSM, the Folsom Street Fair festival will be your best choice. This fest takes place in San Francisco and gathers visitors from different countries. You 100% will be surprised to see thousands of open-minded people dressed in wild BDSM costumes. They aren't afraid to show their interests in sex.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Do you like erotic art? Ok, I have an outstanding idea for you. You surely must visit Erotic Art Festival in Seattle, Washington. This fest presents the most courageous sex fantasies in pictures and adults movie.
A lot of Seattle Erotic Art Festival participants get together a few months before the event. How do they connect? Well, according to the Ashley Madison reviews, people use the most popular dating websites to find like-minded on the Internet.

Kutemajrvi Sex Festival

Want to visit an unusual beauty contest? If so, I have great news for you. Kutemajrvi Sex Festival in Finland has the most provocative event, as all of the participants are entirely naked. Isn't it impressive? I'm sure that you haven't seen anything similar before.
Also, you'll have the possibility to visit sex workshops and a unique sex-toys exhibition.

Last Words about Sex Festivals

As you can see, sex festivals become more popular every day. They gather a lot of people from around the globe. The most significant events take place in the world's progressive cities with a high level of tolerance. If you want to visit such an event, plan your trip thoroughly. Usually, it's almost impossible to book a suite in the days of a sex festival.